Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day

Mom's birthday party went off pretty well. Keeping it simple, we avoided some of the impediments that came with Dad's birthday bash last September.

We had a good crowd - over 30 people (family, old friends and some new ones) - and the food was good. Thank you Farmer John for the pork butt I smuggled through the airport in my luggage.

Everyone wants to see the pictures, especially of the baby. (Sorry Amy, but even people that don't know you only want to see the baby. From here on out your a second class citizen.)

This first picture is the baby, of course. Little Lilly is just a few weeks old but the center of attention.

Lilly isn't the only baby, which is probably lucky for all the grandmas wanting to put in baby time. Lilly's cousin Shayla was also running around. In this picture she was doing a little skirt lift (possibly to flag down a ride).

My brother has never been accused of being cute, but asleep with his daughter you might think otherwise.

Starting on the left we have Justin on his first trip to meet the family with his girlfriend and my cousin Kim. Misty is my cousin Trevor's girlfriend, then we have my aunt Karolyn, Grandma Jones and aunt Shirley.

In my only successful attempt at action photography we have cousin Trevor slinging horseshoes with his mom Nancy.

As the party started to wear down Grandma Hood relaxed in the recliner...

and my adopted niece Alexandria simply crashed.


AmyER said...

I have accepted my relegation to second class citizen. My only comfort is in the fact that Lilly cannot talk so if anybody wants to know things, they still have to come to me (since Paul never knows anything). I've not lost total control yet!

spinningmom said...

I want to hug and kiss these little treasures! Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for the pictures! Trish