Saturday, May 19, 2007

Politics and Doctors

I'm an unabashed political junkie. I listen to the Democrats. I listen to the Republicans. I'm not sure I like either one, but I do like to watch what they are doing. As part of this I attend the Music Center's Speaker Series. I've gone to lectures by President George H.W. Bush, President Vicente Fox of Mexico, Maya Angelou and just last Monday, Dr. Fareed Zakaria.

Though I enjoyed Maya Angelou thoroughly and recommend the experience to anyone, she was the least political. The presidents were greeted with protesters and both read from texts I could have just as easily read at home. Dr. Zakaria was pleasantly different. He roamed the stage and began by telling us that at his age he wasn't sure whether he was even qualified to be talking to us. As he talked I realized that he was more than qualified and rarely have I ever listened to one person where my reactions were almost universally either "I'd never thought of it like that, but it is simply brilliant" or "I agree with this guy completely".

That experience was followed Tuesday night by the testy Republican debate. Dr. Ron Paul caused the biggest fracas of the night when Rudy Giuliani took offense at Dr. Paul's characterization of American foreign policy. Mr. Giuliani (and Wendell Goler doing the questioning) felt Dr. Paul accused America's foreign policy for the attacks on 9/11.

For the record, I agree with Dr. Paul. I agree with Dr. Paul's political philosophy and if I thought he had a chance I might even write him a check. Dr. Paul merely suggested that the interventionist and often disastrous choices of government to meddle in the operation of foreign governments fomented an environment perfect for growing terrorists. I agree. Rudy suggested that he'd never heard such a ridiculous idea. Rudy is a liar. The same stories were all over the place following the attacks including some far more ridiculous including that of the late Jerry Falwell who most of the 10 men in the Republican debate fall all over themselves to compliment. Dr. Falwell suggested that America's embrace of homosexuality, abortion and other immortality was to blame. Oh well, Rudy scored political points.

And I was entertained. And of course, it's all about me.

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