Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Then there were two...

Though hope has not been completely abandoned, it seems that my household is down one cat. Sometime Saturday night as I messed about the apartment Nermal disappeared. I've been letting the cats roam around on the roof (because they like it) and they usually stay near my deck, but chances are Nermal wandered out too far onto a ledge or slipped from the clay tiled roof structures sticking up here and there. Being one step removed from feral she's probably already taken up with an LA gang.

The funny thing I've learned about cats in all the years I've had them is that they tend to come and go rather quickly. Sure, Oreo, being deeply evil as she is, will never leave, but the rest suddenly pop into the world and then just as suddenly pop back out. It's like life in general, only faster.

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spinningmom said...

Oh my Brent so sorry! Would you like one of my 6???? Trish