Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Joan

I like to think of myself as a subversive supporter of the arts. For example, I once bought a meal for a bunch of theatre grad students at Famous Dave's. I've lent out furniture and helped haul things to and from the stage for a production of House of Yes. I'm even letting an actor friend from New York live with me for a few months even though he always parks behind me in the garage and I have to move the cars around each morning. Sure, other people endow theatres and scholarship programs. Other people sit on committees to build concert halls. Me - I feed starving actors occasionally. Really, it's all in hopes that one day they become famous and I can say I knew them before they were stars.

None of the grad student pals of my college roommate have broken out into fame yet, but Erinn is showing up in soap operas, Tim has been in some commercials, actually a lot of them have been in commercials. And then there is Joan whose a finalist to cohost a show. Joan was my favorite grad student - I know, I know - I shouldn't have favorites, but there's a lot of things I shouldn't do.

Here's her video submission (it's funny, really it is):

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