Monday, August 6, 2007

My mom and aunt came for a visit last week. We covered most of the west side of Los Angeles County in 4 days leaving no out of the way, narrow, homeless infested alleyway unexplored.

There was dim sum in Chinatown, bagels at Union Station, cheesecake in Marina Del Rey, assorted goodies in Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica. We saw the ports, Venice Beach, a couple piers, the pig murals of Farmer John (how could we not) and the Getty Museum (including the infamous Evidence of Movement exhibit which includes a man licking broken glass, two people dancing with a dead chicken in their teeth, a naked woman in an unseemly pose with goat entrails and our favorite, the talking light bulb).

Here are a few of the highlights. Below you'll see my mother and aunt in the ocean. Moments before this they had never been in the ocean (nor seen it, I should imagine).

Moments later, mom lost her shoe.

Moments after that, she saw her shoe and scurried out to rescue it.

Mere moments after that the ocean reaped its revenge and doused her in its salty waves.

Next there is Steve with his favorite star, Bette. Steve says I have no good pictures of him. That's not true. I have plenty of good pictures of him. I prefer naturalist photography catching people doing ordinary things...eating, wandering aimlessly, yawning and darting out of frame. Steve doesn't care for naturalist's a shame because I have a very extensive collection of photos with him eating, yawning, wandering aimlessly and completely unaware I was taking his picture at all.

For the sake of completion here are a couple pictures that include me. Here I am with mom on Olvera Street.
And here's the three of us on Santa Monica pier. I don't know, but I think we're a handsome group, I really do.

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spinningmom said...

I love your pictures and looking forward to meeting Steve!