Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Trouble With Blogging...and Nursing Homes

My problems with blogging are that I've never really felt that I had anything to say, that which I might want to share wouldn't be that interesting and well, really, I don't necessarily like to share all that much anyway. Bloggers, as a generalized group, aren't much in the mode of self editing their remarks. Obviously, this is what makes them fun and makes me not so good at it. I approach blogging as more of a medium for embarrassing people with funny pictures.

With that, I'll tell a story of absolutely no relevance to myself or my feeling, emotions, habits or vices. It is, in fact, a story about my grandmother.

About a month ago, my grandmother, 85, had a stroke. This left her with great swaths of empty memories but otherwise well. This was followed by another stroke which neither helped her memory nor her ability swallow without making a thoughtful effort to do so. While in itself tragic, at her age it seemed to be the start of a long road downhill. Grandma surprised us all though.

When last I saw grandma she went on a rather blunt tirade about how she would not be going into a nursing home...ever...under any circumstances. I'm guessing that being put into a nursing home only months later made her cranky, in fact, I know it did. Grandma's roommate at the nursing home would also argue that it made her crazy. Grandma's roommate would actually prefer not to have a roommate at all. So it was that on a Friday night things got interesting when grandma's roommate chose to go to bed and grandma chose to stay up and watch television.

Apparently, the roommate had reached her last nerve...not only was grandma crazy, not only had she stubbornly not moved out, but now she was watching television in a volume that was way too loud. Grandma's roommate crossed the room and hit grandma in the head.

Blows were exchanged. I imagine there was swearing, nightgowns rumpled and skinny, age spot marked arms arcing in jabs and roundhouses punches. Nurses came running and broke up the mayhem.

I also like to imagine the phone call from the nursing home. "Sir, there's been a problem at the nursing home...with your mother. I'm going to need you to come down to my office so we can discuss her behavior. If this continues, we will have to send her home with you."

At least grandma is not going down without a fight. She should probably mix it up more often.

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