Friday, September 14, 2007

It's almost football Saturday in Lincoln...and there's no place like Nebraska!

The big day has almost arrived. Those of us loyal to the Big Red are crossing our fingers, praying to the football gods and hoping against hope that this will be the one.

The masses have already started flocking to Lincoln by car, truck and plane. Not long ago I was on the phone directing some wayward USC fans to the nearest fine dining establishment in the Haymarket.

Tomorrow, all across the land, Husker fans that can't make into the stadium will gather around televisions in living rooms and bars to cheer and curse, perhaps to exult in football joy or perhaps to wallow in the long darkness of mediocrity. Regardless, we'll be there. (I'll be at The Port in Valley Village with a dozen or more of the faithful, if you must know.)

I have a couple lunches riding on the game, but moreover I have the unfortunate fate of being a Husker fan in the middle of a USC world. I ask the football gods for victory not because I need a free lunch and not because our team is long overdue for a big ask for victory so that for a short while I can walk around Los Angeles and especially around work with a smug, quiet satisfaction. I will not gloat openly. I will not heckle and bring shame. I will sit silently in my righteousness and be content.

Though I grant the USC faithful that in all regards they probably have the better team, for me it's still all about the beloved scarlet and cream and so I predict, rather boldly, that the final score will be 28-24 with Nebraska the victors. Go Big Red!

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