Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Murphy Had His Laws...I Have My Rules

Murphy had his laws, and they were good. They were amusing and true. Why should he have all the fun, I asked myself. So it was that on the occasion of my thirtieth birthday, I set upon a project to lay out what life had taught me. If I could boil those down to some generalized rules I’d be well on my way having a guide book to life that I had been so callously denied at birth.

The number and variety of little rules involved in categorizing my life’s patterns was transient, but a year ago I settled upon eight original rules. (This excluded important lessons I learned from movies like "never start a land war in Asia".) It was only upon organizing the eight rules that I realized the act of making rules, pondering the machinery of living and constantly and unsuccessfully battling back the urge to write it all down was an important pattern to also note. In the end, there were nine rules.

In the name of suspense and to get my few, dedicated (and may I add beautiful, brilliant and enlightened) readers to keep coming back for more I will reveal these nine rules slowly over the next couple weeks. Oh, I know you are excited. You can't hide it!

Rule Number One, The Grass is Greener Rule: The present situation is always secondary to the possibility of something better elsewhere, though it’s impossible to know what that better thing might be.

So I keep on looking for that better thing just around the corner: better toothpaste, better way to work, better place to live, better job to have. I’m not necessarily out there buying every tube of toothpaste in the world, but I’m thinking about it and wondering if maybe, just maybe, my life wouldn’t be better using Aquafresh®.


Becky Rose said...

I LOVE how you even included the copyright mark on're so funny

Brent said...

If I follow all the little laws then maybe when I break the big ones I'll get less time.