Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rule Number Five

Rule Number Five, The Paxil® Rule: Debilitating shyness prevents, reduces and delays normal, often commonplace, life experiences.

I could be the poster boy for Paxil®. Fortunately, I’m not pharmaceutically inclined. Instead, sometimes I just don’t do certain things – start conversations with strangers (and occasionally people I’ve known for years), invite people over to watch the game (or see a movie or see the Picasso exhibit, etc, etc.) and go on dates (which is sort of like inviting people over, but more intense).

Oddly enough, this doesn't stop me from sharing this with you on a blog that anyone can see. Go figure.

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spinningmom said...

You are so lovely that it seems incredible that you are that shy. I love to listen to you and learn so many things. I miss you!
Becky has said that she misses telling you the little quirky things that have happened to us. Mostly about road trips with her mom.....