Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rule Number Six

Rule Number Six, The Applause Rule: Joy is most readily derived from the creation of tangible products resulting in the appreciation of others.

I like to make things a person can see and hold. I like to make graphs, for instance. It makes otherwise unruly data look neat and tidy. No one ever says, “Nice graph,” though. Also unheard: “Nice form,” “That’s a gorgeous database,” and “Have you ever seen such an elegant software package?”

At some point I gave up on drawing, painting, sculpting things from Popsicle sticks and making the neatest Valentine's boxes you have ever seen (I won awards, friends...I won awards). I fiddle around with it still, but mostly I make graphs, spreadsheets and forms. I get paid to do it. I rarely got paid for a watercolor of a any sort.

The picture below is of a bunch of kids I don't know. They attend Hyannis High School, in Hyannis, Nebraska (not Massachusetts) and they won the Sandhills Conference One Act Championship in 2007. Since they are from Hyannis I already know that they are a good group of kids, but that isn't why I've pasted them here for you to see. Look very closely at the plaque...yeah, it's small, but look anyway. Yep, I designed it when I was a freshman at Hyannis. People covet something I made! Okay, not because I made it, but they covet all the same.

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