Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rule Number Three

Rule Number Three, The Only Constant is Change Rule: An inevitable move, transition or wholesale change is never more than a couple years away making it a folly to plant roots and foster connections.

Argue the truth of this rule with a guy who has changed address, on average, once a year for his entire life. I’m excited just realizing that I don’t have to fill out multi-state income tax returns.

The funny thing about change is that without it we'd get bored, but when change does come to take the boredom away it has a tendency to go overboard about it. Change wouldn't be so bad if we could control its pace. The slow trickle of time laced with changes here and there isn't so bad.

For instance, in my office there are 8 desks. In the two years I've been sitting up there only 1 person has remained at the same desk the whole time. In fact, only three of us are left from the original group. We miss some of them and we don't miss others. The people came and went one or two at a time and though each time caused a ripple of change, it came at a pace easy enough to absorb. Had everyone picked up and moved on the same day, we'd have gone mad.

Anyway, change happens. I'm good with that. I've adapted to it. People come and go. Apartments are merely places to drop anchor for awhile. Empty fields are filled with buildings. Childhood homes are torn down and strip malls put in their place. That's why we take pictures. It's why we get together and tell stories. It's why I don't get too attached...I never know which desk will be empty tomorrow and, of course, it could be mine.


Becky Rose said...

Since Ron and Mandeep are both terrified of change, I'd say you were ahead of the game, Brenters.

spinningmom said...

Love u even more Brent!