Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rule Number Two

Rule Number Two, The Dark Highway Rule: The future is impenetrable and unpredictable, but only enough to be maddeningly frustrating.

Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the future changes. I only have to think one thought – slaughterhouse in Los Angeles. Tell me that was ever an option when I was growing up, going to college or sitting on my front porch in Iowa.

For some it may all be writ large for them. They grow up in the same town surrounded by the same people. They've known since birth that they'll inherit the family farm and settle down with their high school sweetheart to raise a small gaggle of adorable children. For most, though, I think the future sneaks up on them. They make their plans, they save for a rainy day and then suddenly their plans lie in ruins at their feet.

I had my plans. When I was 10 my cousin and I were going to buy a semi truck together and run a team over the road trucking operation. We were going to merrily criss cross the country with reckless abandon. Ah, the best made plans... Instead, I haven't seen my cousin in a decade and I work in a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles. Who knew?

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