Thursday, December 20, 2007

The First December Vacation

The plan had been to watch the Nebraska women's volleyball team win their second national championship in a row at the tournament in Sacramento. Alas, they didn't make it that far, so neither did I. Instead, I took a scenic drive up the Pacific Coast Highway as far as the canyon drive seen below.

After zig-zagging through the mountains I ended up in Simi Valley and paid a visit to the Ronald Reagen Presidential Library.

From Simi Valley I headed through the mountains along Interstate 5. I saw snow...real the shady nooks of the mountains. (On the trip home I also saw weather below freezing...what a novelty!) My final destination the first day of my vacation was Bakersfield where Nebraska's women's basketball team was playing CSUB. It was close, but they won.

On Saturday, the women were in Long Beach. The game wasn't as interesting, but the venue was. The basketball court is in an 18 story tall blue pyramid (Walter Pyramid). They also had a band and a small video screen. Bakersfield was more like attending a high school game in central Nebraska. Long Beach was more like, well, more like a bigger high school in central Nebraska, but in a pyramid.

The rest of my vacation was filled with a little light Christmas shopping, some heavy eating and three movies from across the board - I Am Legend, The Savages and Enchanted.

Next week it's a new vacation. This time in "sunny" Nebraska.

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