Friday, December 7, 2007

Rule Number Eight

Rule Number Eight, The One Isn’t the Loneliest Number Rule: Solitude is an essential circumstance for rejuvenation and well-being.

Solitude by Stefano Tessarin

Do not despair…no I haven’t answered the phone, I haven’t returned your pleading voicemail message, I haven’t replied to your emails and it’s been weeks since last you heard from me. I say again: do not despair. First, you don’t need my response to validate your own existence (but you already knew that). Second, chances are good I’m doing just fine. Maybe it was a rough week at work and I had to deal with the assorted drama of 40 people that should be old enough to know better. Maybe I’ve barricaded myself into my apartment for a movie marathon of romantic comedies and buddy road flicks and I’m afraid talking to real friends will destroy the fantasy of my fake friends. Maybe I’m just not in the mood for chatting.

We all need are alone time. I just wonder if I don’t need more than most.

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