Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rule Number Nine

Rule Number Nine, The Hot Air Rule: Analyzing a principle is easier and often preferable to acting upon that principle.

Gossiping about others lives is better than living my own life. Talking about what I would do if I were such and such is more fun than actually doing it. The idea is superior to the implementation. This could also be ‘the couch potato rule’, ‘the living life vicariously rule’ or ‘the armchair quarterback rule’.

The second element of rule nine is the story. I have at my disposal an array of comic tales. Accompanying that is a vast collection of thoughts and observations buoyed by an archive of content taken from magazines and books I’ve read down the years. Meanwhile, for my own amusements I maintain a library of idle fantasy – general, wizard, Senator, President, lonely writer, corporate titan, speech writer, Oscar winner for best screenplay and the list goes on and on. I take pride in my capacity for this entire academic adventure. Unfortunately, man is judged by actions more than words and on that score I am deficient.

I am drawn to the idea of doing great things. I feel the tug of principled stands on the ideals I hold dear. In the face to true opposition; however, I tend to run and hide. My first instinct is to talk a big game and then leave the field of play. A great deal of that has to do with my other tendencies (see the Paxil rule, for instance). The remainder may be lack of desire or simple fear. Which, I cannot tell.

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