Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rule Number Seven

Rule Number Seven, The Doesn’t Work Well Without Supervision Rule: Productivity is best achieved within a structured, orderly, controlled system that allows the freedom to manipulate experience within defined parameters.

Left to my own devices I won’t get much done. I’ll fritter away hours doing nothing much and find I’m okay with that. Even with a list of things to do if there isn’t a timeline attached I’ll do an amazing job misplacing the list. What's most odd about this rule is that I actually supervise people...lots of people. Of course, I still have a boss of my own and that helps.

The real heart of rule number seven is that I appreciate a good system. I like little benchmarks and deadlines. This is probably also the reason I think it's a shame that once you get into adulthood you stopped getting awards for your achievements. There aren't any of those little pins for getting an A in math class, no certificates for perfect attendance and certainly not a single trophy for successfully winning an appeal against the USDA. It's hard to judge whether your life is on track without someone tracking it for you, that's all I'm saying.

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