Sunday, January 20, 2008

Foncks Day 2

We aren't much for rising early on vacation days. This is usually because we aren't much for going to bed early on vacation days either. After a long Friday out and about we struggled to get out into the world until after lunchtime. We did have time, however, for geocaching in Santa Monica.

The best way to describe geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt. You are given coordinates and clues and must find a box of varying size filled with tiny treasures and objects called travel bugs. The treasures and travel bugs are traded and the location of the travel bugs tracked through a coding system. It's an activity that has its charms, but I'm far too lazy to find myself sinking to far into this sort of wacky subculture.

After geocaching it was off to ILD Global's Vision Conference for the remainder of the day.
The members of ILD belong to a different sort of subculture than the geocaching crowd, but a subculture they are. This group just happens to be passionate about dreams, human potential, family, country and making money. I'm always impressed by them if never willing to fully buy into their program. Over the many years I've been attending the random ILD function with my friends I've always hoped their passion and ability to dream would sort of wear off on me but I struggle with buying into any one program be it business organization, religion, diet or brand of politics. Simply, I'm just no good at commitment. There, I said it.

Anyway, Day 3 has dawned and if we stay committed to earlier plans I'll be crossing the border into Mexico this afternoon.

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