Saturday, February 16, 2008

For Becky

So I'm way overdue on this assignment. Becky was good enough to send me a gift and in the accompanying card she asked for some pictures.

Here is her gift, the brass pig, hiding in my hard hat. He was frightened by the much smaller but much more aggressive pink pig key chain.
Here is the brass pig (Boswell the Brass Pig, to be exact) feeling patriotic. He sometimes leads us in the pledge of allegiance. He's just that sort of pig.
And finally, here is Boswell, hanging out at the water cooler. He's happy that the writer's strike is over and thinks that Obama may just win the nomination. That's one smart pig.


spinningmom said...

We love and miss you more than you know! I'm coming down to LA on March 16th, then going to Austin the 20-24th then returning to OR on April 3rd, could we have lunch?

Brent said...

I'll have lunch with you anytime! And as far as I know I'll be in town.

Becky Rose said...

"That's Some Pig!"
"He's Radiant!"
"He's Terrific!"