Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Toy

I blame my tendency to cry at movies (and the occasional Hallmark commercial) on my mother. My father, on the other hand, gave me my delight in cars and also the passion to keep getting new and different cars as often as possible.

For the last several months I've been keeping my eyes open for something to replace my Ford F-150. It had 235,000 miles and I've had it for almost three years and since I'm still making payments on the car, the big green machine's time had finally come. Last week, cruising I found its replacement - a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab.

It is exactly what I was looking for...actually more. I was hoping to duplicate the first new car I ever bought, a 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab. I went one step further. I got the four door. It has only two defects. First, someone tried to wash or wax the hood with something they shouldn't have leaving a sort of dull, scratched effect. Second, it's a V8. I was actually shooting for a V6, but apparently that's one of the reasons it was so cheap (people aren't willing to drive something with such atrocious gas mileage). In fact, I haven't owned a V8 since my first car, a late 70's Dodge Royal Monaco (and they'll probably get about the same gas mileage).

Basically, I wanted something I could drive every once in a awhile that didn't require me to press a clutch. My left leg is tired of the LA traffic and could use a break. Oddly, switching from a manual to an automatic is like loosing a limb. I keep pressing a clutch that isn't there and reaching for a floor shifter that doesn't exist. I almost couldn't get the thing started this morning because I couldn't find the clutch. But I'll persist.

And to family and time you stop by for a visit, I can ferry you around without folding you into the back seat of the Mazda (no, no...your was all for you).

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Becky Rose said...

You're so naughty, getting a new toy! Ok, no more complaining about rent hikes, Mr. Moneybags!