Saturday, June 7, 2008

June - The Vacation Month

I've decided to use up all my vacation in one big swoop. Coincidently, I bookended my vacation with two shows at the Greek Theatre - A Prairie Home Companion last night and Alison Krauss with Robert Plant on June 24th.

Last night, vacation officially kicked off at a little past 7:30 with Garrison Keillor singing and strolling through the seats of the Greek Theatre. When the recorded show kicked off it was headlined by Jearlyn Steele, Bonnie Raitt and Martin Sheen. The Greek Theatre may be my favorite venue in Los Angeles. It is nestled into the wooded hills of Griffith Park and as the sun sets behind the crowd the stage comes alive. A Prairie Home Companion is perfectly suited to the open air amphitheater; the mountain backdrop and towering trees enhancing the feel that you are sitting in Garrison Keillor's backyard for songs and stories.

In a couple hours my plane departs for the second leg of Vacation June. With my bags packed, the cats' supplies stocked and the apartment sealed down I'm left waiting, something that I'll do most of the day. First, I'll wait in the airport. Then I'll wait for the plane to load, take off and then land again. I'll wait for my bags to appear at the baggage claim and finally I'll wait in line for my rental car. By the time I meet my parents in Baltimore the day will be almost over.

Tomorrow it's off to being a tourist in Baltimore and Washington, DC with my brother's Army graduation thrown in the middle sometime.

I'll touch down back in Los Angeles the following week just long enough to read all my email from work then I'm off to Nebraska for another cousin's wedding.

By the time Alison Krauss sings her last song I'll be ready to sit still for awhile.

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