Monday, June 30, 2008

Return of Movie Night

It's been a long while, but over the weekend Movie Night was reconvened with a showing of Good Will Hunting. Unfortunately, in our party planning the idea of using a camera never came up. We had to satisfy ourselves with food...loads of food...and mojitos...and the occasional shot of one of my various tequilas (Christmas gifts all).

Thanks to Camille, Carlos, Michelle, Will, Jasmine, Maria and Raul for an enjoyable return to form. None of them had seen Good Will Hunting (I know, I couldn't believe it either) and they all seemed to like it. The food was good. The gaming on the Wii was fun, especially for those watching the boxing. No one kicked us out of the theater. A success if I ever heard of one.

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Becky Rose said...

Sigh...I feel so very, very far away...