Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cousin Trevor's Wedding

Yes, that is a beer poster and if you know my cousin and his friends, there is nothing more appropriate in the world.

My cousin Trevor was married to his lovely bride Misty on June 21st. I was busy ushering so I didn't get too many photos of the actual event, but I do like this one of Trevor licking the cake off Misty's face. (Why stick to the old, tired poses when you can have this?)

Normally I do a fair job at running from any camera, but I was under instruction to do a better job of getting pictures, especially of myself in a tux, so here they are.

This is my niece Shayla.
This is my niece Lilly.
This is my cousin and fellow usher Scott.
This is my "adopted" nephew Thaddeus.

And this is his sister Alexandria with friend Sarah.

And because it's not all about me, here is my sister's little family.

My sister and father having a spin on the dance floor.

And grandpa with his granddaughter Shayla.

Finally, though I may live forever in regret of having done this, here I am in a lighter moment.


Becky Rose said...

Oh god, tears are running down my face right now....I can' t breathe....Can I make that last picture wallpaper on my laptop???

Brent said...

I knew regret was not a large enough word.

M Fonck said...

Truly a great post. I cannot believe the last photo. Inspired I'm sure :) We enjoyed having you at Johnson Lake and missed you this 4th.

spinningmom said...

Brent you only make me love you more. I really really love you.