Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flags of QA

My boss and I were thinking aloud one day about the diversity of department. One or the other of us thought having a set of flags representing the various countries of origin of our staff would be interesting. I ran with the idea and purchased one flag from each country that I knew about. I had a little trouble finding Bhutan. I also encountered a political controversy when I put up the official flag of Vietnam, a flag not recognized by my Vietnamese-American friends. To make amends I added the South Vietnam flag.

From left to right, the flags of QA are Bhutan, South Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Philippines, India, El Salvador, Venezuela, Taiwan, Cambodia and the United States. (We just hired a gentleman from Egypt so I'll be looking for that flag next.)

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spinningmom said...

It was kinda like that in the hospital the other night, so many countries represented, I was the only pale one in the place, interesting to try and identify the many languages spoken while eating my dinner at 2:00 am.....