Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's One Lucky Guy!

My LA family - Joanne, me and Camille.

A vicious and unsubstantiated rumor had been spread the other day in the upstairs offices that I had acquired two new girl friends down in the lab. The rumor continued that their pictures were on my blog. (Actually, this all came about from an overheard phone call where I was discussing my friends list on Facebook.)

Not to be outdone by the lab girls and to prove that in reality Camille and Joanne owned me a picture session was hastily arranged and the results posted on my blog.

And here I thought women would never fight over me.

1 comment:

spinningmom said...

I would totally throw down for you Brent, if only I was 20 years younger and not married. Any young lady would totally be lucky to have you. Tell'um I said so.