Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Niki's Big 5-0

One of my peeps (as I like to call them) turned 50 last month while she was away on vacation. Her husband decided to throw her a later birthday party last weekend.

Here's the happy couple - Niki and Bruce.

Niki is smiling because Bruce gave her a Lexus for her birthday. Bruce is smiling because as purchasing manager that he is the price was negotiated well below sticker.

I have included this next picture of Rafael (we know him better as R1) because I take a perverse pleasure in posting images of people eating.

Continuing in this theme of catching people in their natural states I offer up Simon watching the Olympics. Each time I snapped a photo of him actually looking at me the thing turned out too blurry to recognize - I'm not sure what this says about Simon.

Finally, though there is an entire series of these photos, I chose the first one because it really tells you what all the rest of them are about. In this image Joanne is lecturing me on the finer points of self-photography - something about pointing in the correct direction, remembering to smile and then wondering aloud whether the camera was working. It was. I could make a flip book out of them.

It was a pretty good party. Like many of my LA party experiences I found that I was a stranger in a strange land. Usually this means I'm surrounded by a group of Latinos. This gathering, however, had a more Asian / Pacific Islander feel to it. It was a nice change.

The food was good and included all the normal party foods followed by teriyaki chicken, Kahlua pig, California rolls and some sort of bamboo. There was also a surprising broccoli dish - I say surprising because I liked it and I usually find anything green to be too healthy for human consumption.

And finally, if you happen to appreciate organization you would have died and gone to heaven. The coolers were labeled with their contents. The trash and recycling receptacles were also neatly labeled. A towel was placed on each cooler to wipe the water from the can of whatever one chose to drink.

Oh, and they had the best toothpicks - little tissue paper watermelons on top. How fun is that!?

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