Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Daddy and the Fair

It is that is time to tell a funny story about myself. It is a story best told in person, but that won't stop me.

When Camille and I arrived at the LA County Fair a couple weeks ago, we were greeted by a bank of photographers. We were early arrivals to the fair and entered in a trickle of other patrons which left the photographers distracted and talking amongst themselves. I was trying to sneak past them, but failed.

The last guy on our side of the group turned in time to see us. He was a stocky, black man with a quick step and unnervingly happy disposition. "Wait right there, Big Daddy," he said to me. Crap, I thought. Camille was already laughing. "Come on now, we've got to get a picture of Big Daddy with his lady." Camille laughed more.

Fine, I thought, I slid in next to Camille. "Oh come on, Big Daddy, get close to your lady. We've got to get a picture with Big Daddy and his lady!" I put my arm around Camille. I'm surprised that the picture turned out so well. I was expecting an open mouthed, mid-guffaw look from Big Daddy's lady. Nope, just a big smile (and the next several hours and most of the following days being called Big Daddy).

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Becky Rose said...

HAHAHAHAHA...that's great. Big Daddy..that's so hot...