Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pandora's Music Box

I'm not much of a music person - tone deaf, incapable of remembering music (a song may get stuck in my head, but I don't actually hear the music, just the words) and so on and so forth, but I like music.

My next problem is that I'm lazy. For this affliction, God made the Internet.

I stumbled across Pandora and I'm already hooked. You just enter a song title or an artist and it starts playing stuff that has the same "musical genome".

For instance, I like Andrew Bird. I put in his name, they play one of his songs and then move on to music by a whole list of people I do not know: Benjy Ferree, The Shins, Eric Bachmann....

And it turns out they all have the same appeal as Andrew Bird. Now I can be lazy and stumble across new music and as long as I'm cool with it picking the sequence of play it's all free. I love free.

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