Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Eyes

A week ago I needed glasses to be functional. After 22 years of looking through lenses of some sort I have spent the last week with nothing more than plain, ordinary and inexpensive sunglasses. This is not to say that I've been fully able to see.

Last Monday I had Lasik surgery - Intralase Custom Wavefront Lasik, actually. It was an ordeal involving eye drops, dark and cold rooms, lots of people telling me to relax without moving and one doctor getting slowly more aggravated because I kept squeezing my eyes shut and ricocheting the eyelid holding device across the room. When the same doctor told me he wasn't happy with the flap on my right eye and that I'd need to go back in for a second round of eyelid holding and cornea brushing I considered telling him some other options for his little medieval torture devices.

I've spent the last week avoiding water or fingers in my eyes. I shower in swimming goggles. I'm never far from a series of eye drops that must be administered to prevent inflammation, kill any germs and substitute for tear ducts that just didn't want to work right. My vision has varied wildly, sometimes within seconds like a camera trying to focus. My right eye finally caught up with my left eye yesterday so that I see out of them with equal clarity. At this point, I'm left with only one side effect - halos.

I was never all that good at seeing in low light situations, especially driving at night in the rain. Whatever lights there were would fill my vision. Now, the glowing haze around lights, especially florescent lights, causes double image distortions and trouble focusing. In fact, I probably shouldn't have driven to work in the dark. Just shy of my one week anniversary, aside from the dwindling halo effect, it seems only my brain is left to adjust to my new eyes.

I keep trying to adjust glasses that aren't there. My vision is clearer with clear lens in front of my eyes than without as if my mind thinks I shouldn't be able to see without something on my face.

It's also been interesting. I can read all the bottles in the shower. I can see my toes in the shower. I can read my alarm clock without moving it. I look a little funny without glasses. I feel a little bit naked.

At this point I don't have any regrets (there were moments though) but I'm still not sure that being able to see my toes in the shower was worth the expense and the small torture of the actual procedure. No glasses is nice though, it really is.

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