Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Before I forget again, a couple weekends ago we had a new sort of outing by attending a PBR Built Ford Tough...blah, blah, blah...we watched bull riding.

There was a sea of cowboy hats, some buckle bunnies, a few celebrities in the really nice seats and a sense of country (and gently Republican) living right here in the city.

This was not like the 4th of July rodeos I'm used to. It was hard to know when the show was in commercial breaks (and sometimes whether the clown entertaining during those breaks was more fun than the actual bull riding). There were fireworks, confetti, loud music, cheering fans, bright lights and scantily clad Tecate girls hurling things at the fans. All in all - quite fun.

Less successful was our group picture. We should have given up on the poor man when he couldn't figure out how to push the button, but we kept encouraging him. This was the best we got - my chin, Joanne's eye and the brim of Camille's hat. At least we have the memories.

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