Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthdays and the Zoo

The weather was cold. Not bone chilling, wish I were dead cold. This was just under the tolerable mark and slowly accumulated with time. My Los Angeles friends would recognize the Omaha weather as the worst they had ever seen, in other words, it was upper 40's with sporadic rain and a gusty north wind which has become pretty much miserable for me too. Yep, I've become wussificated.

The occasion was Lilly's second birthday. The venue was the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Fortunately most of the zoo's attractions are inside and once Lilly blew out the candles we packed up the decoration and headed for the desert dome. We looked at the animals. The animals looked at us. A chimp licked a glass window. A gorilla tossed around what may have been a hard boiled egg. There was a lot of spotting Nemo(s) in the aquarium. One of the nieces was afraid of the desert dome and every time she saw it from the outside she told us we were not to go back inside.

Now for a few zoo sightings:

Lilly - Age 2

Tiger spotted in the Gift Shop

The rare Chadron State giraffe

The nieces - now both 2

Afterward, it was an early dinner at Spaghetti works in the Old Market (and some ice cream at Maggie Moo's on the way out of town).

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They have your eyes!