Sunday, September 13, 2009

"World Famous" San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is world famous. I was told this a number of times while I was there so it must be true. It is nice. It is big. Neither of these things do they really advertise, but they are busy reminding us that they are world famous so they might not have the time.

They also like their California condors. They mentioned those quite often too. In fact, this was just one of the many birds we saw after watching essentially the same bird show twice. We also watched two different girls fall in the same pool of water accompanied by the same jokes (word for word) but with much different levels of acting ability.

Anyway, a few pictures. First we have the view from our lunch restaurant.

The view made up for the disproportionate sizes of my lunch compared to Joanne's lunch. She was sitting there with a heaping bowl of jambalaya and I had exactly 7 ravioli and 5 shrimp. There was also some disappointment with Kyle who was apparently in charge of refilling drinks but indifferent to actually completing the task.

Our next picture is the feeding of giraffes. My annoyance had been the empty tea glass at lunch. Joanne's aggravation came with the $5 price of 3 giraffe biscuits. There was also some muttering about how there were fewer shows and all the cool things had been shuffled off into some backstage pass that set you back $40. Still, feeding the giraffes was fun.

Finally, we have Joanne and me sitting near the panda exhibit close to the end of our day. Somewhere north of us, Camille was probably in bed having abandoned us to the wilds of San Diego by ourselves.

We did see most of the animals, listened to some interesting zookeepers, admired the new digs for the elephants, got buzzed by birds (intentionally) and by bugs (not so intentionally). We also set a record for the length of an outing. Most remarkably, we didn't kill each other.

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