Friday, November 20, 2009

The Minor Inconvenience

I've been listening to and watching a great deal of stand-up comedy lately. This started about a year ago when I was in New York visiting a couple friends. One of these friends, someone I'd always noted as one of the funniest people I'd known, was talking about standup she'd seen and SNL skits she loved and comedies she adored. I realized I had no clue what she was talking about and wondered if I wasn't missing something. What had I become? Was I a lifeless dullard? Where was the funny (other than the nonsense that is my work)? Here my friend was talking about doing a stand-up routine on open mike night and I hadn't even watched an HBO comedy special in years.

Later, I bought a vehicle with Sirius radio and its collection of comedy channels. Now, hardly a day goes by when I don't flip over to the Blue Collar Comedy channel at some point in my commute. I think my life is better for it. Thank you, Jill.

Anyway, the point of all this is that having listened to so many acts I realize the key is to have a gimmick, a theme, a catchphrase or what have you. Jeff Foxworthy has his redneck jokes. Bill Engvall has his sign. John Pinnette has his food. I'm not a comedian, but I am an itinerant blogger that rambles across the subjects without any mooring. Perhaps I too need a regular piece of material that speaks to me and thus to you, dear reader.

After some thought I realized I had the perfect topic - minor inconveniences. Truth be told, I may have stole this idea, but what good writer or comedian doesn't steal from others here and there. (Thank you, Joanne!).

I hold in high regard what I call the law minor of inconvenience. For those of you around a couple years ago I have nine other laws. The law of minor inconvenience holds that there are any number of things I dread doing, avoid doing and simply won't do because of some minor inconvenience. For instance, I almost didn't write this owing to the minor inconvenience of typing the word 'inconvenience'. I've built up the motivation to overcome that obstacle and here attempt what I hope to become a regular feature - simply, easy and with endless examples:

Minor Inconvenience of the Week:

Opening and closing the copier lid. (Thank you again Joanne.)

It is a disheartening feeling when I realize the copies I need to make can't be run through the automatic feeder on the copier. I'm left with lifting the cover, placing my original, shutting the lid, pressing the green button, lifting again, removing the original.......just thinking about it makes me die a little inside. If my original has random staples, binding or is of an unnatural size it'll sit there on the desk all day only to be copied at the last possible moment - or never if the problem requiring the copying somehow takes care of itself (but when I'm ever that lucky?).

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