Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Thoughts, Observations and Hardly Worthy Trivia From the Last 7 Days

I'm always trying to come up with something interesting so here's another stab at it. Sometimes I forget to look around and take note of the world outside. This is a little exercise to keep me in the habit. These are the random, trivial and unnecessary thoughts and observations for the week gone by.
  1. My apartment is small enough that I can vacuum the entire floorspace without unplugging the vacuum.
  2. There is a Kmart just across the way in Bellflower - you heard me - a KMART!
  3. Though I never assumed they were, my small plates are definitely not unbreakable.
  4. I bought my first pair of carpenter jeans and have been pleasantly surprised though I still cannot conceive of when I'll use the hammer loop.
  5. Apparently I'm a natural public speaker (I neglect to mention to those saying this that it took a few years to be that natural).
  6. From Saturday night's party:
  • I'm still not good with parties involving loud, thumping music.
  • I'm still not much good with the ladies either.
  • Dancing might help.
  • The evidence suggests that the Vietnamese words for 'I'm going to puke' sound amazingly like the actual act of vomiting.
  • Who knew there was so much entertainment value in watching someone vomit (and their loving man cleaning up, oh, and people taking pictures and video of all of it).
Do not adjust your screen - that's party haze you're looking through.


Thaddeus B said...
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Thaddeus B said...

Aww yes, good old party haze. I haven't seen that in a while.

All Beavercreek Residents said...

Bellflower? Are you close? What did you do for the holidays?

Have you read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card?

Brent said...

I live in beautiful Norwalk these days, but spent Thanksgiving in Yorba Linda with some of the other holiday orphans from work.

And yes, I've read Ender's Game and several of the sequels. All great books.