Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am an unrepentant fan of Terry Pratchett. I'll tear threw his books almost as fast as I can move my eyes across the page. I do so because somewhere in each one I'll find some little gem that makes me laugh myself silly or touches on some bit of truth or both. For anyone that's read Small Gods the phrase "Oh, my god!" takes on a delightful new meaning.

Last night I cruised through several dozen pages of Pratchett's latest book, Unseen Academicals. I found one of those little gems.
Truth is female, since truth is beauty rather than handsomeness; this, Ridcully reflected as the Council grumbled in, would certainly explain the saying that a lie could run around the world before Truth has got its, correction, her boots on, since she would have to choose which pair - the idea that any woman in a position to choose would have just one pair of boots being beyond rational belief. Indeed, as a goddess she would have lots of shoes, and thus many choices: comfy shoes for home truths, hobnail boots for unpleasant truths, simple clogs for universal truths and possibly some kind of slipper for self-evident truth. More important right now was what kind of truth he was going to have to impart to his colleagues, and he decided not on the whole truth, but instead on nothing but the truth, which dispensed with the need for honesty.
Later, Truth selects a pair of black leather stillettos - the topic: the quality of Anhk-Morpork pies (if your scratching your head, I'll lend you a book or two to get you started).


All Beavercreek Residents said...

Sounds like one Im putting on my recovery reading list! Thanks Brent. Have you read Orson Scott Card? Enders Game is the first book?
Taking it easy Trish

Brent said...

I love Orson Scott Card and Ender's Game. My favorite, though, is Enchantment.