Saturday, December 5, 2009

Minor Inconvenience of the Week

The Orange

I like oranges. I like the smell. I like the flavor. I hate the peel. Give me a glass of orange juice (even if the LA Times tells me its worse than a can of Coke). Maybe even give me a wedge of orange where I can gnaw at the good stuff and the leave the peel undisturbed. Just don't give me the whole orange.

Sometimes the peel is thick. Sometimes the peel is thin. Sometimes the peel will come off easily and in a couple pieces. More often the peel sticks and after several agonizing minutes and copious zest under the fingernails you're too tired to bother eating the thing. Someone should hybridize the orange and the banana - then we'd have worthy fruit.

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All Beavercreek Residents said...

Navel Oranges peel best, along with the Satsuma or Mandrin Orange, skip the rest I aggree not worth the effort.

Unfortunately no more oranges for me.....not even the chocolate kind! Trish