Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Ruminations and Observations for the Week

  1. Chili cheese fries - one of God's perfect foods.
  2. Irony on 18 wheels; I saw an Isravi truck (that with the star of David in the logo) sporting a "Real Men Love Jesus" bumper sticker.
  3. I had the shocking revelation that the end of the decade is only days away. It's not something that should sneak up on me, but did.
  4. Is there any better place to have a burger than in a restaurant that was once a rail car?
  5. Why was it only the black guys were in handcuffs along Hollywood Boulevard?
  6. Another birthday - how can that be?
  7. As I think about the passing decade and my birthday I increasingly feel I cannot make it on my own forever.
  8. In related news, I'm considering another stab at eharmony.com not so much to date but to be reminded I don't really want to date as much as I think.
  9. There was a moment - Saturday around 11:30 at night actually - standing on the roof of a parking garage in Hollywood with Joanne and Camille, looking out over a clear view of the LA skyline, when I thought I was living another, far luckier man's life.

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