Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Thoughts, Observations and Considerations for the Week..er..Decade

Being it is the end of the year and the decade I set my mind to all that I have done and learned over the last ten years. On January 1, 2000 I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska where I shared a 3 bedroom house with my roommates Steve and Cathy. Ten years later I live in Los Angeles and share a small, one bedroom apartment with my cats Oreo and Garfield. In between:
  1. I moved from one abode to another only 6 times, but across 5 states.
  2. I bought and sold two houses.
  3. I owned 3 Dodge pickups, a Jeep, a Mazda and a Ford F-150.
  4. In that same Ford F-150 I drove for 3 days across the Rockies with 4 cats in the cab.
  5. I flew in a plane for the first time.
  6. I gambled in Vegas.
  7. I saw both oceans for the first time (once I even saw them on the same day).
  8. I strolled through Times Square.
  9. I toured the monuments of Washington, DC.
  10. I was called "one lucky guy" by a complete stranger while driving down Figueroa.
  11. I went on a few dates, but only "dated" one woman and for a very short time.
  12. I had a stalker (or more politically correct - an aggressive female admirer).
  13. I watched football in the Rose Bowl, baseball at Dodger Stadium, hockey at the Honda Center and a Lakers playoff game at the Staples Center.
  14. I attended roughly a dozen weddings, a few funerals and a number of graduations.
  15. My most dramatic moving vehicle accident was in a golf cart rollover on a Wisconsin golf course.
  16. My most expensive vehicle accident was rear-ending a Ford pickup on a snowy street in Lincoln.
  17. I went to 3 different Six Flags amusement parks (a couple of them more than once).
  18. I attended LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City even though I'm not a member of the church.
  19. I met more people that I can remember - most of them good, some of them great.
  20. I lost family and friends and gained them, gaining more than I lost.
  21. I had some really great conversations almost always while standing in a parking lot, on a front porch or leaning against a car.
  22. I never figured out what I want to be when I grow up but I learned not to worry about it.
  23. I've seen hundreds of movies - only a few really terrible, most good and one or two that whispered of greatness, but more importantly I learned that movies are better with friends.
There was more, of course, but most importantly I learned that a decade isn't as long as it used to be.

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