Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sharon Barth - A Remembrance

Last weekend we lost the woman I've always thought of as "Steve's Mom". I believe she would have been perfectly happy being nothing more - just Mom. Of course, being Steve's mother, not to mention being mother to Scott, Tammy, Jim and Gary was probably never "just" anything. Indeed, it was everything - to her and to those of us that know any of the family.

What I remember best about Sharon were the phone calls. I'd pick up the phone and hear her voice laced with the prescient knowledge Steve wasn't home (when I answered it usually meant I was the only one in the house). "Is Steve home," she'd ask. I'd tell her that he wasn't and explain that I either wasn't sure where he was or I'd detail what I knew of his busy schedule. Then it would come - the sigh. Deep and heavy, dripping with the disappointment that her little boy wasn't there. "Okay..." followed usually by another big sigh, "this is Steve's mom. Could you tell him to call me when he gets home." I could hear the love in that voice - the love only a mother can transmit in a sigh.

I'll miss you, Steve's Mom.

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