Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Week's Random Thoughts and Ruminations

  1. My unofficial calculation shows that the ratio of Wal-Mart customers in line to Wal-Mart cashiers at the Norwalk store is 35:1.
  2. Is there anything worse than dreaming you're at work? (Aside from actually being there maybe?)
  3. Tiger - I don't care.
  4. A chocolate chip cookie baked from scratch has mysterious and magically transformative properties in my coworkers.
  5. One second is a short span of time but much can change within it.
  6. I like the television show Fringe. I can't say why specifically, but I do.
  7. I take life's shortness and fragility for granted and the reminders of this fact are never pleasant.
  8. The eternal struggle - grappling with the distance between what I need and what I really, really want.

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