Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Random Musings for the Week

1. I wonder if the same people that design crossword puzzles also design assemble-at-home furniture.

2. Goatee or not to goatee, that is the question.

3. What motivates a person to spend a week gluing flowers to a float that starts to wilt before the parade is over?

4. Where are you Stephanie Edwards?

5. My cat now watches television and, coincidentally, prefers Animal Planet.

6. Everyone's getting a Droid. Should I?

7. For a couple days I was a reluctant jungle gym.

8. Disney Princesses is not my game.

9. Lunch group at Little Mexico in Kearney, Nebraska: one from New York, one from Kansas City, one from LA and one from Wahoo - when did I ever imagine that? Never, that's when.

10. eHarmony update - can't I just keeping hanging out with the weekend girls?

11. I forgot the difficulty and time expense in compiling a favorite movies of the decade list. My solution - start small.

12. My favorite romantic comedies of the last decade (in no particular order):

13. Oh yeah, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. And no I don't care if they aren't good movies - love is blind!

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