Saturday, January 30, 2010

Top 50 Movies of the Decade - The Bottom 10

We watch movies for a variety of reasons. I watch them to enjoy a couple hours of storytelling - not necessarily to escape, but to visit somewhere else for awhile. This is a deciding factor in why I keep the ratio of "art films" as low as I do. I say this as a warning about the list to follow. My top movies are not based solely, perhaps not even largely, on technical merit. That will become obvious. I just like them.

I begin with the bottom 10 (41-50). These just made the cut, perhaps pushing out some equally worthy film but a line must be drawn somewhere.

Sweet Home Alabama - It was the lightning glass sculptures, that's what did it. Or was it the sappy, love story. I am a sucker for a sappy, love story.

From Hell - Darkly appealing.

Chocolat - More Johnny Depp. This worries me. I just remember it was a good movie outing with Michelle and Amy.

About Schmidt - Filmed in my home state. Kathy Bates naked. What more need be said?

The Incredibles - Incredible...almost.

Memento - Worthy for its wonderfully warped use of chronology.

Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - By far the worst of the three, but saved by the Director's cut. (Not really saved, but dampened down my original rage at all that was missing from the book and that god awful ending that would never end.)

A Knight's Tale - Rock music meets Robin Hood.

The Count of Monte Christo - There's just something about a good prison escape.

The Day After Tomorrow - Bad in so many ways that I couldn't help but love it.

Next week, the next 10. I know, I can't wait.

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M Fonck said...

I still LOVE that movie. Not to mention Johnny Depp. But Alfred Molina was great too. Good times.