Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Randoms Notes on Random Things

  1. Anti-Valentine's Day gathering epiphany - my "single problem" is probably a direct result of being a snob with low self esteem.
  2. Is there any job worse than the Roto-Rooter guy? Probably, but I don't want to know what it is.
  3. It fascinates me that a group of executives sat in a room, watched the newest batch of Old Spice commercials and then said, "Yes, we like those."
  4. Must. Learn. To. Keep. Quiet. I was good at that once.
  5. The Winter Olympics could use a few less time trials and individual events and more head to head action.
  6. Anyone want to help put antibiotic ointment in my cat's eye. Yeah, didn't think so.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Top 50 Movies of the Decade - The Roaring Twenties

As you read on (and on and on and on...), I ask that you remember this is not an Oscar ballot. This is not about technical merit. It hardly has anything to do with any coherent rationale at all. It's just movies - movies I love to watch.

These are the movies ranked 21st to 30th on my decade's favorites list (starting with #30).

Monster House - If nothing else it reminded me of my own childhood and my exploits with cousin Kurt.

Julie & Julia - A love story - between people yes, but also between people and food.

Hellboy - Giant, cigar smoking, demon that's a good guy - what more need be said?

Up - A sweet, little story good for all ages.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Scary done with intelligence and complexity.

Minority Report - I overcame my Tom Cruise aversion for the science fiction. Yes, sci-fi has that much power over me.

Spider-man - I waited for years for this movie and was not disappointed...not until the sequels.

The Proposal - Sandra Bullock returns to the list. Go Sandra! Ryan Reynolds also makes his debut. Will it be his last?

Shrek - Remember Spider-man and its sequels. Ditto.

I, Robot - More sci-fi, more happy movie watching.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Week Gone By

  1. BEHOLD...the power of flowers!
  2. Example of why fat and lazy go together. I am too lazy to go buy a box of cereal so I stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for breakfast (two days in a row if you count the planned trip for tomorrow).
  3. Observations from Texas (There and Back Again):
  • John Wayne Airport - 5 min security line (Great!). $20/day for parking (Bad!)
  • More boob jobs at the John Wayne Airport versus LAX.
  • Fish net stockings for air travel?
  • Two hairy arms - one tiny arm rest.
  • 12 years since I've been to Texas and it snows.
  • Why does it always take a funeral...?
  • Caddo Mills - new high school, new elementary school - no fair!
  • It's hard to find one of your childhood homes when they've removed the only landmark you remember, in this case, King Saver.
  • The church across from one of our family homes is still there and so are the lights that my cousin and I blinded ourselves with so we could see the burned image in the night. My sisters response when she heard this story - Idiots (or something like that).
  • Two hairy men - one tiny bed.
  • My niece would not sleep in the same bed with me. My sister told her this was okay because I was used to women not sleeping with me.
  • Not funny, I said. Because it's true, my sister replied.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Stuff for the Week

  1. I've caught Garfield peeing on the floor once. Occasionally, the peeing on the floor (right next to the box even) has happened since. Though I'm pretty sure its still Garfield I do harbor some fear that Oreo is doing it just to get Garfield in trouble. Yes, she's that smart and that evil.
  2. Do the people working at Irish Spring go home smelling like Irish Spring?
  3. Life is too uncertain. Eat dessert first. - Words of wisdom that Joanne discovered while at Stan's Doughnuts.
  4. Hail - or as they call it here in LA, raining ice.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Top 50 Movies of the Decade - The 30s

As you read on (and your excitement undoubtedly grows), I ask that you remember this is not an Oscar ballot. This is not about technical merit. It hardly has anything to do with any coherent rationale at all. It's just movies - movies I love to watch.

These are the movies ranked 31st to 40th on my decade's favorites list (starting with #40).

Miss Congeniality - The first movie I saw when I moved to Wisconsin (somewhere there is someone raising her hand with a few fingers extended to denote how many times this annoyingly irrelevant piece of trivia has come up in conversation). Still love it though. Is that because of Sandra Bullock? Maybe, just maybe.

The Notebook - I'm not sure what sickness makes me enjoy a movie that makes me cry, but I have it.

Gladiator - Finally, a man's movie...except for that whole floating above the ground, heaven is a farm in Spain bit.

Legally Blonde - Saw this one in Austin, Minnesota while trying to entertain myself during a week long training of some sort. I wasn't expecting much, which probably makes it better than it was.

Love Actually - Ah, another romantic comedy and another example of my sissified movie affliction.

X-Men - The movie trilogy sadly went downhill, but the original is still a good time.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Quirky, irreverent and one of the few Jim Carrey movies that doesn't make me want to be beaten into unconsciousness. (Yes, yes...it's also a romantic comedy.)

Terminator Salvation - The second Terminator movie was by far the gold standard, but this one is a close second.

The Blind Side - Sandra Bullock again (and yes that makes any movie better) but this is also just a nice, wholesome film that makes you feel good and sometimes that hits the spot.

Underworld: Evolution - Right now you are wondering how it is possible that this movie can be rated this high. Later, you'll wonder even harder when you see where Underworld fell on my list. (Someone suggested that it had to do with Kate Beckinsale in tight, black, leather pants - possibly.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Observation for the Week

  1. Irony of the week - Thursday at lunch we saw a hog truck rear-end a car of Orthodox Jews.
  2. All I want is 4 rolls of toilet paper. I don't need sixteen, 48, 92 and I definitely do not need to haul my toilet paper home on a pallet. What do you people do with all that toilet paper?!
  3. Two weeks and three days - the amount of time without a vehicle before the insanity started to overwhelm me.
  4. While rewatching the Back to the Future trilogy I realized part 2 takes place in just 5 years from now. Where, then, is my flying car and Mr. Fusion?
  5. Reading through the list of Grammy winners and nominees I realized I am a pop culture idiot.
  6. I was equally shocked that I was more familiar with the names on the Metal Rock category than any other (even country).
  7. Lunch discussion Friday: 5 movies we can watch over and over. The Shawshank Redemption, Goonies, The American President, The Hunt for Red October and Underworld. I can feel you passing unkind judgments - don't.