Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Observation for the Week

  1. Irony of the week - Thursday at lunch we saw a hog truck rear-end a car of Orthodox Jews.
  2. All I want is 4 rolls of toilet paper. I don't need sixteen, 48, 92 and I definitely do not need to haul my toilet paper home on a pallet. What do you people do with all that toilet paper?!
  3. Two weeks and three days - the amount of time without a vehicle before the insanity started to overwhelm me.
  4. While rewatching the Back to the Future trilogy I realized part 2 takes place in just 5 years from now. Where, then, is my flying car and Mr. Fusion?
  5. Reading through the list of Grammy winners and nominees I realized I am a pop culture idiot.
  6. I was equally shocked that I was more familiar with the names on the Metal Rock category than any other (even country).
  7. Lunch discussion Friday: 5 movies we can watch over and over. The Shawshank Redemption, Goonies, The American President, The Hunt for Red October and Underworld. I can feel you passing unkind judgments - don't.

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