Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Week Gone By

  1. BEHOLD...the power of flowers!
  2. Example of why fat and lazy go together. I am too lazy to go buy a box of cereal so I stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for breakfast (two days in a row if you count the planned trip for tomorrow).
  3. Observations from Texas (There and Back Again):
  • John Wayne Airport - 5 min security line (Great!). $20/day for parking (Bad!)
  • More boob jobs at the John Wayne Airport versus LAX.
  • Fish net stockings for air travel?
  • Two hairy arms - one tiny arm rest.
  • 12 years since I've been to Texas and it snows.
  • Why does it always take a funeral...?
  • Caddo Mills - new high school, new elementary school - no fair!
  • It's hard to find one of your childhood homes when they've removed the only landmark you remember, in this case, King Saver.
  • The church across from one of our family homes is still there and so are the lights that my cousin and I blinded ourselves with so we could see the burned image in the night. My sisters response when she heard this story - Idiots (or something like that).
  • Two hairy men - one tiny bed.
  • My niece would not sleep in the same bed with me. My sister told her this was okay because I was used to women not sleeping with me.
  • Not funny, I said. Because it's true, my sister replied.

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