Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Top 50 Movies of the Decade - The 30s

As you read on (and your excitement undoubtedly grows), I ask that you remember this is not an Oscar ballot. This is not about technical merit. It hardly has anything to do with any coherent rationale at all. It's just movies - movies I love to watch.

These are the movies ranked 31st to 40th on my decade's favorites list (starting with #40).

Miss Congeniality - The first movie I saw when I moved to Wisconsin (somewhere there is someone raising her hand with a few fingers extended to denote how many times this annoyingly irrelevant piece of trivia has come up in conversation). Still love it though. Is that because of Sandra Bullock? Maybe, just maybe.

The Notebook - I'm not sure what sickness makes me enjoy a movie that makes me cry, but I have it.

Gladiator - Finally, a man's movie...except for that whole floating above the ground, heaven is a farm in Spain bit.

Legally Blonde - Saw this one in Austin, Minnesota while trying to entertain myself during a week long training of some sort. I wasn't expecting much, which probably makes it better than it was.

Love Actually - Ah, another romantic comedy and another example of my sissified movie affliction.

X-Men - The movie trilogy sadly went downhill, but the original is still a good time.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Quirky, irreverent and one of the few Jim Carrey movies that doesn't make me want to be beaten into unconsciousness. (Yes,'s also a romantic comedy.)

Terminator Salvation - The second Terminator movie was by far the gold standard, but this one is a close second.

The Blind Side - Sandra Bullock again (and yes that makes any movie better) but this is also just a nice, wholesome film that makes you feel good and sometimes that hits the spot.

Underworld: Evolution - Right now you are wondering how it is possible that this movie can be rated this high. Later, you'll wonder even harder when you see where Underworld fell on my list. (Someone suggested that it had to do with Kate Beckinsale in tight, black, leather pants - possibly.)

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