Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Top 50 Movies of the Decade - The Roaring Twenties

As you read on (and on and on and on...), I ask that you remember this is not an Oscar ballot. This is not about technical merit. It hardly has anything to do with any coherent rationale at all. It's just movies - movies I love to watch.

These are the movies ranked 21st to 30th on my decade's favorites list (starting with #30).

Monster House - If nothing else it reminded me of my own childhood and my exploits with cousin Kurt.

Julie & Julia - A love story - between people yes, but also between people and food.

Hellboy - Giant, cigar smoking, demon that's a good guy - what more need be said?

Up - A sweet, little story good for all ages.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Scary done with intelligence and complexity.

Minority Report - I overcame my Tom Cruise aversion for the science fiction. Yes, sci-fi has that much power over me.

Spider-man - I waited for years for this movie and was not disappointed...not until the sequels.

The Proposal - Sandra Bullock returns to the list. Go Sandra! Ryan Reynolds also makes his debut. Will it be his last?

Shrek - Remember Spider-man and its sequels. Ditto.

I, Robot - More sci-fi, more happy movie watching.

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