Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Thoughts for the March's Last Week

  1. Is a tattoo a requirement to play men's basketball?
  2. How long before women need the same tattoos?
  3. Should someone of my (let's call it limited) golfing ability really be teaching someone else to golf?
  4. A slowly dawning thought finally emerged above the distant horizon and like the rising sun its beauty turned to a searing misery. Sadly, that thought was far more poetic than the idea.
  5. When the Tea Party revolution turns militant (not if, but when), will I need a gun? And will I be killed without a trial just for living in Los Angeles?
  6. Happy retirement, Mrs. Rose! We love you and the students to come will miss you without knowing it.
  7. What exactly is the marketing/business relationship between Chemistry.com and Match.com?

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