Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts Renaissance Edition

I attended my first Renaissance Fair last Saturday and these are my unnumbered random thoughts.

Hooters in your hooters - hilarious.

Asking for a picture of a woman's cleavage is not in my repertoire. Thank heavens for Camille and Joanne.

At the end of the day was the Wishing Well Wenches Show featuring special guest star - Me! playing the role of Bubba.

The smoking guns pictures below did not win me the manliest man competition, but did spare me the false breasts.

It did not, however, spare me from the bra hat.

I also was not saved from:
  • making my Vin Diesel face (a crowd favorite),
  • having the top of my head licked,
  • an awkward man hug with Veronica (he with the false breasts),
  • looking down the wench's skirt in search of Veronica
  • and getting a kiss from said wench.
I was spared other humiliations such as running to the top of hill, putting on briefs and yelling, "In my man pants I can do anything!" I feel oddly fortunate for this.

And yes there is video of some of this.

And maybe I'll share it later.

Lastly, it is strangely nice to be recognized for your star turn on stage, even if its only for an hour and it's a bunch of half drunk people calling you Bubba.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Late Random Thoughts

  1. Chicago is probably the best show I've seen at The Pantages.
  2. I wish these shows ended at 8 instead of beginning at 8.
  3. Five AM is really early.
  4. I think I'm unnaturally happy about the fall release of Civilization V.
  5. Jury duty service number 2 is in the books. Still haven't been selected.
  6. Oval tracks are better than road courses.
  7. There's a stop sign pointing out a Thai food stand near the Long Beach Convention Center that I will remember forever and each time I'll smile.
  8. It is apparently possible to take a nap while attending an Indy Car race. And here I thought that was only possible while watching on TV.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Week - New Random Thoughts

  1. Is it wrong that when I saw a Facebook post about eating burritos my first thought was, "Honey, put down the burrito." Yes, it probably is.
  2. At the intersection of Slauson and Gage, Sunday about 3;30 - turned over the first 10,000 miles.
  3. I wish the distance between needing and wanting was far enough that I couldn't see the one from the other.
  4. Have I gotten so old that bowling can make me that sore?
  5. Speaking of old - 15 year class reunion - say it ain't so!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts to Begin April

  1. Learning Mandarin - hard, very hard.
  2. The word for person in Mandarin sounds a great deal like the Klingon word for 'over'.
  3. Star Trek 6 - that's how I know that.
  4. I don't need your judgment so stow it.
  5. I spent the weekend pretty much alone (might be because I shared that Klingon reference at work on Friday). Most startling, I can't remember the last weekend I spent alone. How did that happen?
  6. My cats both had birthdays last weekend - Oreo turned 8 and Garfield turned 5.
  7. Still wondering how such a nice lady gave me such a mean cat.
  8. Time of death: 8:00 AM. The victim: another wayward dream. The dreamer expressed relief that the suffering of this ill and abused dream had come to an end.