Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time for More Random Thoughts

  1. Sometimes I listen to the words of "The Gambler" and think it is the most profound song ever written.
  2. Also eminently singable.
  3. It seems that since I've gone to work here I've been part of many record breaking feats. Sadly, they are records in futility.
  4. My marriage proposal was denied. ;)
  5. Hirsute.
  6. Am I a compulsive shopper? Actually, compulsive buyer might be the better question.
  7. Can someone explain to me when it's a lie by omission and when its just something left unsaid?
  8. List of things that are apparently not allowed to be left unsaid about yourself prior to marrying someone: a) I was in prison, b) I 'was' gay, c) I was married before, d) I am bipolar and, my favorite, e) I had a sex change operation.
  9. Finally, happy birthday to my sister today. And happy birthday to Mom a couple days ago. And happy birthday to my niece who I forgot about and happy birthday to whoever else I know I am forgetting but whose birthday is fast approaching.

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