Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week's Random Thoughts

  1. You know you're in trouble when you buy a book entitled "How To Improve Your Memory" only to discover you already own a copy. -heard on the radio during my commute
  2. Somebody is giving me flowers...every few days I'm left a few dying violet blooms on my desk. It's still flowers, damn it.
  3. The rapid decline has begun. Joanne had to help me work the voicemail on my iPhone.
  4. The fellowship of the three has broken. One of our little group is moving to Greeley, Colorado. The novelty of being the one staying put is not lost on me.
  5. I find I enjoy going to school a lot more when the homework assignment is to buy a motorcycle.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Song Lyric?

Silver wings
Shining in the sunlight
Roaring engines
Headed somewhere in flight
They're taking you away
And leaving me lonely
Silver wings
Slowly fading out of sight

By: Stefano Anghileri | View Full Portfolio (79 images)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Questions

  1. If I were offered a job with another company, would I seriously consider it?
  2. How big a fool do I really appear to be?
  3. Is a mutiny possible?
  4. Why do I like the Statler Brothers?
  5. Isn't Pure Country one of the most horrible movies ever made?
  6. Then why do I like it so much?
  7. How can I be so apathetic about the really important things and completely incapable of apathy on the things that really shouldn't matter?
  8. Why do so many women want babies?
  9. Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th and Beyond Random Thoughts

1. That's the Queen Mary in the distance as we work our way into the Long Beach harbor for fireworks.
2. This is someone that looks likes she's in trouble (or a picture for which I'm certain to get in trouble). Why would I put it here then? I'm not very bright.

3. This is the new ride. It's a 2008 Honda Shadow Aero (now with 37 miles on it) and my membership into the Farmer John motorcycle gang.

4. Why a motorcycle? Why not. Or...because I need my toys, I want desperately to be cool and/or the ladies dig men with motorcycles. You choose.

5. Slipping across the water, wrapped in a blanket against the ocean breeze I had a thought - Ah, so this is it. Bad luck on me, then.